Wednesday, June 18

Project Updates and Project Tres

Project Updates:

Uno-Got the right size hardware and it fits well. However the knobs I previously bought at Lowe's don't seem to go together. Yup, anal. Hubby said he'd hurt me if I went near them to change them. Guess it'll have to do.

My camera charger is currently MIA so when I find it I'll post pics up.

Dos-The Change of Address cards arrived and I love them. They are the perfect size and I love the color. I also received 50 white envelopes which I didn't think came with them. So I am using those. Love Wedding Paper Divas and their service.

Now on to Project Tres:

I wanted a reading chair for the office and again couldn't splurge on any major purchases. And trust me I tried to figure out a way, especially after seeing these beauties...

A sensible choice from Ikea at $349, however Ikea is too far and I have yet to have my "Ikea or bust" trip.

My first choice would have been this very pretty Pottery Barn Anabel Chair at $999, now on sale for $699. At $999 is was way too much for an office chair.

So I decided on searching Craigslist for a chair that I (really my Mom) could reupholster. And I found this gold wonder. I like the structure of the chair and it has a metal base so no worries on whether it will fall apart. I took ownership of the chair for $30.

I visited several fabric stores and finally found something at Hobby Lobby, of all places. They were having a fabric sale and so I couldn't pass it up. 3 yards of fabric for $19.99 total and we have a new chair. Now I'm in search for a pillow.
Sorry but you'll have to wait until the charger is found to see the results.

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