Friday, June 6

Why I don't Ebay.....

Even though I may not seem like it with all my splurge posts, I'm a very frugal person when it comes to money. As a Hispanic I come from a very long line of money worrying people. We never have enough saved. NEVER.

Well my not-so-Hispanic side loves to SPEND. However when I do I'm always looking for a deal. Sale and clearance are my two favorite words. So naturally you'd think I'd love Ebay. On Ebay you can find so much and relatively pay little to nothing.

Relatively. Well this does not apply to me and Ebay.

First I am the worst in haggling. WORST. Once in Mexico, the hubby and I tried to haggle for a lower price on some moccasins for him and my dad. Yeah I was totally taken to the cleaners when what I thought was a "great deal" was well above the price of similar shoes at the airport. And ya'll know the airport up charges are incredible.

Second, I can NOT not win. So once I do start bidding, I'll just continue to bid so that I can win irregardless of the fact the bid is well over what I want to pay for something. I WANT TO WIN!. Yeah a slight this is how I ended up paying $40 buck for below on Tuesday.

6 plates of my everyday plates. Nope not kidding.

To my defense I did purchase my set of dishes 6 years ago this month and if you'd see them you'd be amazed at how new they look. This is after six maybe seven moves and countless times in the dishwasher. So they are of excellent quality.

I'll keep trying to justify myself. The bid started early at $19.99 and I was all in for up to $25. Somehow I just kept bidding and bidding...and then a little more bidding.

Did I mention they were discontinued a couple of years ago. Yeah, I'm a sucker. I've banned myself from Ebay. If it's not "buy it now" then I'm not even going to look.

Gosh darn it.

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