Wednesday, July 9


****Just realized I never posted this****

Well this past weekend was filled of great things. Fireworks, family, fun, sun, a contract on the condo, pool time....wait, a contract on the CONDO.

Yup, boys and girls, we accepted an offer on the condo on Saturday. When we got the call on our way home from my parents house, I instantly felt a pang of sadness. I know I don't live there anymore but still it was such a part of our lives. Then the feeling of great joy came to me.

We can finally move on with this part of our lives. No longer do we need to check on the other house and no longer have to pay two mortgages. Sweet merciful.

I instantly texted-messaged everyone, the hubby was driving so no need to worry. Well as I was texting away the hubby said " I won't believe it till the day we close and sign her away".

Welllllll...we received a not so good call from our realtor today... Our contract fell through. my pangs of sadness have been replaced with pangs of desperation and extreme sadness that this process will never end. The buyer had to back out for financial reasons.

I guess in today's mortgage crisis, it's better that people think twice about it....but why us???

So here we are once again in Sell mode. I tell's really taken a toll on us. But we'll do. Hey if anything it really does well for our taxes.

Keep you fingers crossed someone else find love for our place.

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Amber said...

so sorry to hear that! ours is still for sale too! :(