Friday, July 25

I'm addicted...

My good friend Stephanie exposed me to Bath Junkie a couple months ago...that right EXPOSED... and now I'm hooked.

At first I wasn't too keen on an only bath product filled store till....well...I visited.

In a nut shell the stores have everything you would need for a dreamy bath. You can select from a large variety of products..say for instance bath salts and then you can have them personalize it with specific scents and color. Genius.

Literally there are hundreds of scents and scent combinations you can choose from. But no worries they also provide charts to help those non creative people like me.

After you're done choosing your perfect scent and color they mix your chosen concoction in front of you and off you go to your bath to enjoy.

As I am a skeptical and indecisive person I only invested in bath scoops, basically a large ball of bath fizz.

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful they are...I've been hording them because the Bath Junkie I visited was a 3hr drive away. However recently I discovered they opened a store close to me in a Nashville suburb.

Need I say more....I'm so down for the drive.


Stephanie said...

You crack me up. I need to head back out to Turkey Creek to our Bath Junkie. I fell in love with them when I passed thru one in Little Rock on my way to Austin (and Dell). I stopped by there on my way back to Knoxville and it was love at first whiff. Now Rob groans when I mention the place.

Jenny said...

I *think* there is one of these in Hendersonville now? I have a client with a store across the street from them and I could have sworn I saw it the other day. Far away for me, but depending on where in Nashville you are, not so bad!