Monday, July 21

It's a hot one

Just checked the weather channel on our cable box and the high today was 99 degrees. CRAZY. I know it's summer, but yuck.

Progress has been made on many fronts.

House is clean. Thankfully.

Titan tixs were bought and they arrived. With some strategy this year we ended up with tickets to both Jets and Texan games. Excited about going to just one, but maybe two is even more exciting.

Plans for California are almost done.

Biggest choice to make...dinner in Napa. We're only going to be there one night and after the hubby shot down French Laundry the search was on.

The hubby agreed to Ad Hoc, French Laundry's smaller sister restaurant. He actually insisted on it. Upon recommendation from the sweet Grace and many reviews of such greatness for Thomas Keller restaurants we couldn't resist.

Which reminds me of a restaurant closer to home, Ombi. Located near Vanderbilt, the hubby and I went to dinner there Saturday night. It was such a great dining experience. The decor reminded me of restaurants back in NYC, which I miss dearly.

It wasn't crazy busy, casual but yet nice. A couple of groups dining around us seemed to enjoy it as much as us.

I had a great hanger steak. Not a popular cut, I've craved Hanger steak since my bachelorette weekend in South Beach last year.

In South Beach we had dinner at a restaurant named Lido, the restaurant at South Beach's Standard hotel. The service was beyond bad but the view and food were amazing. Till this day I still think of it.

Ombi did not disappoint. My steak came with sweet potato's fries. Seriously....delicious.

The hubby had a fois gras stuffed burger and it was pretty good. They have a small menu but a great variety. We even tasted some California wines to prepare us for a trip.

Hope everyone had a good Monday!


gracenotesnyc said...

I can't wait to hear about your experience at Ad Hoc! I hope you have a great time in California and I'll be checking back to see what you did! :)

Amber said...

I love St. Supery winery in Napa - they have the best white wines and meritage blends! A very easygoing laidback winery. :)