Tuesday, July 22

Napa style

A quick review of Batman: Dark Knight.

It was a great movie. Really really not a kid movie. It dealt with a lot of dark issues that I just don't think children would understand.

That being said it really was a great film and am so happy that Heath Ledger was part of such a great legacy. He did such an amazing job. Not once did I ever imagine the cute Heath Ledger hottie in magazine. He was convincingly creepy.

If you can stand the crowds go see it. If not wait, because theaters are packed, but don't miss out.
Changing subjects........ in my quest for wineries I stumbled upon Napa Style.

Not a winery......Actually a store.

They just opened a store in Napa Valley and I can't wait to "browse" the store between wineries.

Until then I've fallen in love with some stuff online.

Just check out some of their stuff on SALE.

Cutest salt holder.

Pretty candleholders:

An great option for the fireplace:

Such a pretty table:

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