Wednesday, July 2

Quick Post

It's closing week at work and since this is a shorter week due to July 4th it's been super busy. I get home exhausted and lay on the couch.

Even though I haven't blogged I still search craigslist and found this awesome chair to include in our living room. Picked it up last night (not my pic, power cord still lost)

Also found this pillow at Target which I will use for the office chair.

I think we've definitely lost the power cord to our camera in the move. It's not a good thing. We're about to head for vacation and the timing could not be worse. We have wanted to upgrade our camera but really just wish we could find that power cord because we don't want to be rushed for buying one and really would have like to spend the money on our actual vacation.

1 comment:

mrs.leah.maria said...

I'm in love with that pillow! Boo to losing your power cord. :(