Monday, July 14

San Francisco Treat

Last week was such a blur, the hubby was out of town on a family/boys vacation and my boss took the week off for vacation as well. So my two most constant people in my life were gone. Which created hectic days and couch filled nights.

We've made some progress on our trip planning for San Fran. It's about two weeks away and we still have much to do but so far so good..

In my search for a fine dining experience, which is apparently abundant in the area, I stumbled upon this place. Anyone recognize it?

Well it's the French Laundry restaurant in Napa. Actually in Yorkville, a town in the Napa region.

Well let me begin by saying how critically acclaimed this restaurant is, seriously beyond acclaimed. I've heard of it before but could never place it, always thought it was in San Francisco...apparently not so much... whoops. Well besides being one of the best restaurants in the world it only serves two menus a day and they are both pre-fixe. So what's the catch you ask??

Well the price of a meal is $240 per person. That's right A PERSON....Granted it's a 9-course meal...but really...$240 dollars....Yikes. Doing the simple math means for the hubby and I to dine it would be $480 without any wine and or beer. Yeah, that's a bit of a budget crunch...however if it makes you feel better gratuity is included in that price.

Needless to say the hubby is not entertaining the idea. I tried to justify it by saying it is one of the best in the WORLD....he didn't even nod to acknowledge my comment.

Here is a post from someone who has taken part in this epic culinary journey. Lucky gal.

Moving on to the next restaurant....

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gracenotesnyc said...

Hi Jenny! Sorry your husband didn't like the idea of The French Laundry - if you're interested in another Thomas Keller restaurant (that's more reasonably priced), check out Ad Hoc or Bouchon. Ad Hoc does a great tasting menu (it's family style and changes every night) and Bouchon has lots of great options that are easier on the wallet. Hope you have the opportunity to try one of them :)