Saturday, August 2

Cali-Day One

So this is how the trip went.

Day one-San Francisco

We got up early and began our search for breakfast. I had been staying in the Financial District for work so we had one last day there. Although the area is bustling during the week it's practically...well more like really dead on the weekends.

After a few blocks of walking aimlessly a guy stopped us and told us to head towards the Ferry Building. He said they have a farmers market and that we can get some great breakfast there.

All the years of living in NY I developed a keen sense of spotting tourists a mile away. Well we apparently set off every visible sign. Darn it.

Anywho as true southerners we listened and off we went.

We are so glad we did run into that guy because it was so nice at the Ferry Building. The weather was beautiful and there were tons of vendors out in tents selling flowers, fruits, name it.

So after a couple of trips around all the vendors we decided on breakfast. I picked up this very delicious Lox sandwich and the hubby picked up some assorted breads and coffee from Frog Hollow Farm, one of the vendors inside of the Ferry Building.

We spotted a table outside and sat down to enjoy breakfast. I envy those who live in San Fran and can enjoy such greatness that is a Farmers Market.

Once lunch was done we continued to explore the market and found one of my favorite stores of all time....can you read the sign on the door?? Pit stop.

After a bit of shopping we headed back to the hotel to pack up and check into another hotel closer to Union Square, Hotel Nikko. Once we checked in and got settled we prepared to hit one of San Fran's tourist areas....The Fisherman's Warf.

We, like apparently hundreds of other, decided to take the famous Powell-Hyde Trolley to the warf. However once we got to the first stop the line to get on the trolley was about an hour long. The hubby and I decided to take a different mean of transportation, the Muni. We rode on one of San Fran's historic street cars to the warf.

By then it was the height of tourism hour and we sat in a packed street car all the way to the warf. Once we got there I wasn't impressed by the warf at all. Perhaps it was the hour long commute to the area or the overwhelming amount of tourists. But essentially the warf was full of souvenir shops after souvenir shops. I thought it would be more of great piers and views. Oh well.

After some walking up and down we found the Maritime pier and spent some time checking out some of the historic sailing boats that dock there. Once we were done strolling we decided to have lunch.

Funny story...on my flight from San Diego to San Fran I was seated next to this man who upon flying into San Fran struck up a conversation with me. He was headed for a conference as well and asked if it was my first time in the city. Which it was. Anywho he recommended Scoma's to me and said it was his favorite place to eat in the city.

We talked a little bit more and then he asked where I was from. I told him Nashville and he said he was from Nashville as well. He lives on the other side of town from us. Small world I figured. So I took his advice to eat lunch at Scoma's.

They had a prix fixed lunch menu but the hubby and I both went with Dungeness Crab sandwiches. We decided to leave room for some dessert. After a great lunch we headed toward that very thing...dessert at the Ghirardelli Square.

We decided to visit their Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop and enjoy some of their chocolate in the way of their Chocolate Quakes. Little did we know that each Quake, basically a shake, required a WHOLE bar of chocolate, two scoops of ice cream and milk.

Oh dear.

After that we decided to head toward Lombard street, the famous street of tight turns. Well we consulted the map and realized that this road would require us to climb this street first.

Granted we were still about half way into our drinks when we decided it was way too much and we should probably just start walking to burn what we had already drank.

It was a grueling climb. As you can tell from below pic, the guy is holding the building and his girlfriend is holding on to him. It was stairmaster 3000.

It was worth the climb because the views of the bay were amazing from so high up and ultimately we got to see Lombard Street.

Here I am:

After that "excursion" we took a trolley back to Union Square, which I greatly enjoyed. There were tons of stores and lots of window shopping. I even convinced the hubby to make a pit stop at Tiffanys.

After some shopping we headed to the hotel where we enjoyed air conditioning and plentiful amount of water.

We headed to dinner at Scala's that night. It's adjacent to the very nice Sir Francis Drake Hotel and was such a nice place to have dinner. I had the Linguine and Clams, that was oh so delicious, and the hubby had the Lemon Gnocchi. As you can imagine we skipped dessert.

After dinner we retired, aka passed out, for the night. Day one was great success.

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Stephanie said...

I can't believe you walked so much!! Rob and I were sooo lazy. Thankful we had a car or we wouldn't have made it to 1/2 the stuff we saw in San Fran. We didn walk alot around Union Square (that's where we stayed too). I heart that Tiffany's. Did you get anything new while you were there?