Thursday, August 14

Dearest PB

I wanted to write you a little letter to tell you why I've been so distant.

About two months ago the hubby put me on an allowance. I really hurts.

See I want to do great things in the next couple of years and so I have to save so all those things can happen. Apparently money doesn't grow on trees anymore. Shocking news to hear. So I've started a fund for a rainy day, aka trip to Europe.

So with my new allowance I can't seem to find a way to visit you more often. I know I deeply miss you too.

Especially when you send me pictures of what you've been up to. My heart hurts every couple of months when I get your letters, aka catalogs.

Please know you are never far from my heart. Just my budget for right now.

But no worries, the moment my plane lands from 8 days and nights in Italy and Spain I will visit again.

Thanks for your latest pics, I keep them fondly. Especially these always have a way of remembering my favorite colors.

Until we meet again

Your most beloved friend....XOXO

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