Monday, August 18

A Lazy Sunday

So this weekend the hubby and I had a very busy Saturday.

We still have the condo..... I KNOW.

So we decided to upgrade the carpet, a common comment on those who checked out the condo was the condition of the carpet. So when a house isn't moving it's time to make a change.

However I was NOT committed to carpet shopping taking up the WHOLE day. We are so indecisive and making a decision on carpeting we'll never's pretty pain staking.

So after we made a decision at 5:45 pm that night we decided to meet up with some friends at a local bar to watch my fav, Brett Favre, in his new diggs.

I don't know if it was me but WOW, he looks pretty good. I wish him so much success in his new home.

We also got a chance to see Michael Phelps win his 8th gold medal. It was exciting to watch such great history and I wasn't the only one excited....the entire bar was cheering for his victory.

Sunday morning nothing much was accomplished. I watched Father of the Bride 2 and a couple of episodes of Samantha Brown's Passport to Great Weekends.

Samantha is so cute and she has such a great bod. I wonder how she keeps so fit with traveling. This past weekend they aired the Austin episode and she was wearing above cute outfits. I really liked her yellow sundress till the hubby walked in and said "what on earth is she wearing".

Guess we don't share the same sense of style.

Later that night we went to the evening mass at the Cathedral. It wasn't as busy as usual but I believe that was because the Vandy kids aren't back yet.

After mass we dined at a local Sushi dive, Ken's. How inflation hasn't hit this place I don't know. Back in '04 I was deep in studying for my GMAT and would pick up dinner there every Sunday night. The prices haven't changed since then.

After dinner the hubby took me for a special treat. Pied Piper, an ice cream shop in East Nashville. It was our first time there. We frequent a couple bars in the area and never noticed it...go figure. The ice cream was yummy. Hubby had the carrot cake ice cream and I had the banana pudding one. Best part is that it's adjacent to the cutest little store that carries all sorts of cute baby items.

Must return to purchase stuff for the little ones in my family.

After the great treat we ventured to our local Publix for our weekly groceries. BTW I had a mini heart attack there. Does anyone know the price of aluminum foil these days.....Anyone????

$8.55 for a 200 sq ft roll! It hurt to put it in the cart. It literally was almost 10% of our grocery bill. Sure I'll pay $15.99 for our weekly beer....but seriously...for aluminum foil.

I've know moved on to hoarding aluminum foil.

Once we got home we got settled and watch Denzel in the Great Debaters. It's based on a true story and was worth the watch.

That's how our weekend went. Hope everyone has a great week.

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