Tuesday, August 5

Que? Martha at Wal-mart

Last night I was catching up on my Tori & Dean Show when a Wal-mart commercial came on for none other than Martha Stewart products.....at Wal-mart!!!

What? Did she jump off the Kmart bandwagon?

Check it out.

Worst part is I completely dislike, the nice word for it, my local Wal-mart.

Thankfully I have a trip planned to my mom's town which offers a "nicer" one. Now I just have park the hubby in the books section while I check all her pretty stuff out. Darn you Martha.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

I saw this commercial the other day too and had the same thought!

I love Martha, but refuse to shop at Wal Mart (not like I shopped at Kmart either tho, so oh well)!