Tuesday, August 12

Where in the world...

I know I have yet to finish talking about my trip to Cali but the hubby and I are in need of suggestions.

We are 3 months away from our 1rst year wedding anniversary and we want to start planning a mini vacation.

Due to timing with work we really can't leave for more than 4 or 5 days so a far away adventure is put on hold for now.

We've thought of visiting Asheville, Savannah, or Charleston but still nothing sparks our real interest.

So I hope you guys will share some great vacation spots.


Stephanie said...

Do you want to drive or can you fly?

Jenny said...

We don't care. Although I haven't found a decent priced airline ticket to anywhere. Darn fuel prices.

Stephanie said...

So maybe:
1. Blackberry Farms in Townsend (kinda really expensive, but since you can drive and won't be paying for plane tickets, not that bad)
2. Chicago for Pizza and a ball game ??
3. Myrtle Beach, Charleston or Hilton Head
4.If you're willing to fly, I hear Seattle and or Vancouver is lovely this time of year.