Tuesday, September 2

And so it went

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend.
I started the weekend off with a new haircut and some retail therapy at Green Hills Mall.
I had to get some much needed curtains at Pottery Barn and then some not so needed, but on clearance, summer clothes at JCrew.
I figured I could use it for our anniversary trip. Which is approaching faster than I thought. We decided to head to the Florida Keys for a couple of days.
The hubby and I both had enough frequent flyer points for free airline tickets and when we read this we decided to cash them in.
We are doing a couple days in Key West and then a day in both Key Largo and Islamorada.
I can't wait. So far we have most of the hotels taken care of. I still have to find a snorkeling guide and maybe a fishing boat company.
This week the hubby's grandma is having surgery so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She is an incredibly strong women so we have no doubt she'll downplay everything and want us not to worry but you know me...worry is my middle name.
Later on this week the hubby and I are off to a weekend getaway to Pittsburgh. You betcha.
The hubby has tickets to the Steelers first game and I've never been to Pittsburgh so I'm tagging
Hoping for good football weather and fun times. Especially since discovering this place.
Speaking of football. What a heart wrenching UT game last night. I told the hubby I don't know if my heart can take a season at this rate. Such a disappointing loss....We have a week off so hopefully some game play studying and some more practices will help.
A girl can always hope.

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Stephanie said...

Oh.. and I'm soo freakin jealous about the Key West trip. Some days... I want to be you.. and your jet setting ways. And it makes me hate you, then I feel bad, because I don't hate you.... I love you because we have shared experiences. And then I forgive your jet setting tush... until I read the next blog. It's an endless cycle....