Tuesday, September 23

Got Gas?

Because we don't. Read here.

The hubby and I have been carpooling for about two months now. We work in the same business development but for a while were on two different schedules. Now I've changed my hours to the same as the hubby's and we carpool.

Before the craziness of gas shortage we tried to at least car pool three times a week. Thursday were our night out with our respective friends so we didn't car pool then and usually once a week I wanted to wonder after work to either the library or shopping and so no carpooling that day.

Well about two weeks ago that all changed. Nashville has freaked out about gas. We saw the signs, an impending storm on Texas that would probably shut down our fuel lines. But did you know that even though Texas was hit hard, refineries suffered little to no damages.
So what gives.

The hubby is one of those people that if panic ensues and everyone is running out of a building, he'll sit tight till he hears word from someone official that something is wrong. So this crisis didn't keep him up at night and for sure did not make him rush to hoard gas.

I must admit receiving a call from my mom in the middle of night about gas running out and $5 a gallon did worry me but I knew the hubby would not venture with me at night to the gas station.

So here we are at week 2 of no gas and we've been lucky to survive. I filled my tank the day before the storm was to hit. We lived off my car for about a week. Last week it seemed as all would be OK and hubby filled his tank up at a gas station that had gas. Now we live on his car.

So we're hoping gas stations fill up by week end. We live fairly close to a commuter train so worse case we can take the train one stop and then be bused to work. We're hoping that isn't the case and gas will be available this weekend. Since the train would add an extra 20 minutes to our commute.

But where I ultimately wanted to go with this post is I am no longer able to "wonder" after work to my favorite places like TARget, Joann's and Home Goods. Darn you gas. Especially since Halloween is right around the corner and I need decor.

Also most of my projects are on hold due to some "missing" ingredients to complete them and me having to drive out for them doesn't seem like what would constitute a wise decision. So I'm on a gas related delay.

No worries next post I'll let you know how I handle some of this.

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