Saturday, September 13

Living Room

So I have finally been able to get my camera working and also been able to take some pictures of the house.

I begin with the living room.

I previously posted about my inspiration for this room here. And as you will see somethings have changed.

I found this picture on Pottery Barn and it became my new inspiration. Only thing is I'm stuck on a few items.

And along the way I bought this chair for the living room.

And now this is what I have to show.

So here lies the help needed. What should I put on the right of "said white thing" below. Also contemplating whether I should paint "said white thing" black....

1 comment:

Jenny said...

OMG I love your living room! It's so light, clean, and cool! I love Pottery Barn way too much. I am hating my living room right now (too dark walls and drapes). I would love to do something more like yours!

I think you should paint that piece black... not sure what you could put next to it. Maybe some wallart (not a pic/painting, but something else) that's more vertical?