Wednesday, September 10

The Steel City

This past weekend the hubby and I headed to Pittsburgh for the weekend. The hubby had tickets to the Steelers game and I'd never been to Pittsburgh so I was up for tagging along.

We flew out Friday night and planned on hitting the town bright and early Saturday.

Saturday morning we woke up to a foggy day. It was disappointing about the crappy weather but we didn't have much time so we figured we'd continue as planned. After breakfast at the hotel we decided to take a ride on one of Pittsburgh's popular fleet tours.

Pittsburgh lies between several lakes so the best way to get to know the city is by water. Here is the one of the boats on the Gateway Clipper Fleet.

Once on the boat we sat back and enjoyed the sightseeing tour. I wasn't lying about the cloudy day.

The boat gave us close up views of both the Heinz field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers and PNC Park, the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The tour was an hour long and it did pretty well in pointing out a lot of the skyline. Here we are with Pittsburgh behind us.

After the boat tour we headed towards the Duquesne Incline. The incline is a cable car that takes people up to the top of Mount Washington. The incline has been in service since 1877. A pretty long time if I say so myself. If you are ever in Pittsburgh this is a must do. The views from the top are incredible. Even on a cloudy day.

Here I am on the way up the incline. Did I ever mention I was scared of heights? Hence why I am sitting in the middle of the car.

Here is the incredible view.

At the top of Mount Washington there is a small museum dedicated to the inclines. It has some great pictures of the city throughout the years. They also have a wall of pictures of other inclines around the world.

The hubby and I were amazed that they had a picture of an incline we visited in Valparaiso, Chile a couple of years ago. Here I am pointing at the picture.

Here is a shot of the view from the cable car on the way down.

After the incline we headed to Pittsburgh's Strip District to taste one of Pittsburgh's famous meals, a Primanti sandwich.

We started with one of the city's finest beverages. It ended up not being a favorite for the hubby and I but when in Pittsburgh.

We each ordered a sandwich. I went with the popular Cheese Steak and the hubby ordered the Corned Beef and Cheese. Sandwiches come with chosen meat, cole slaw, french fries and tomatoes all in the sandwich.

A big sandwich to say the least.

I preferred the hubby's sandwich but mine wasn't bad by any means. After the hearty meal we were off to our next stop.

Pittsburgh is home to several Carnegie museums but unfortunately we didn't have much time to visit them all. So we chose one.

I thought I was much informed on Andy Warhol till I visited his museum. I didn't know much of his early life and was surprise to read up on it. The six floors of art vary from the most recognizable pieces to the most oddest pieces I'd never seen it.

Did you know he published a spoof cookbook?

We spent a little bit of time there and then we were off to our hotel. Unfortunately our car rental navigator didn't figure in the road closures and soon we were detoured.

We ended up going north just so we could go right back south. Really....

After the hour long traffic jam, arriving at the hotel and a having a cat nap we headed to dinner at Casbah. I forgot the camera so I can't share some shots of dinner but it was pretty awesome.

They had a great wine list with tons of wines by the glass. Great for us since we really can't commit to a bottle of wine we don't know.

At the end of dinner we ordered dessert. I had the dark chocolate and raspberry bread pudding and it was incredible. So much that I have to find a recipe for one and try to replicate it.

The next morning the hubby was off to the Steeler game and I was off to one of my favorite places on earth.

Since Nashville lacks an Ikea I had to take the time to visit the Pittsburgh one. The lady in this picture and I were the only two there when it opened. I walked the store twice. Love it so much.

Then I was off to a local bar to watch the Steeler's game. Really I wanted to watch my Dolphins against the Jets. Unfortunately we started another season with a loss. Darn it.

After the bar I headed to another store not available here in town.

I found it interesting and can't wait to see more when Nashville's local store opens.

After some retail therapy I met up with the hubby and we watched a disappointing Colts loss to the Bears game. Yeah I luck with games last week sucked.

And so went our weekend in Pittsburgh.

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