Wednesday, September 24

To do Overload

So this is what my desk looks like. Yikes.

1. The only thing I don't cringe at. My awesome pillow from Target.

2. A Halloween skull. I think I'm going to plant something in it. Have to look for a plant. How cheerful.

3. Advil Cold & Sinus coupon. Must stock up because my allergies have been raging this week.

4. Bones. Fake and Plastic of coarse. I was inspired below pic by Martha. Go figure. Have to purchase paint.

5. Black frame that I will turn into Halloween flair.

6. Remote to my trusty 13 inch TV. I can multitask and watch CNN. Love you Anderson!

7. My laptop. Poor thing is over used.

8. Folder with clips of things that are Halloween inspirations. I know I'm anal about folders and planners. Must look through it again to make sure all my projects are being addressed.

9. Just received Tiffany's latest brochure. Hubby was not happy they found our new address. : )

10. My MBA coaster. I blame it and the education I got there for my over confidence in being able to DO ALL.

11. Birthday cards for my brother and mother-in-law. Have to get a gift card and wait for a gift in the mail.

12. Fabric for my prior post. Btw I love the fabric! Now I just need to get everything to finish project.

13. The 2009 Ikea catalog. Drool.... And my latest read sTori Telling. Remember when I put it on my request list at our local library. I have to finish it and return ASAP.

14. A little more CNN.

There it is. Sad part is I have a corner of the office with another stash of to do's.
Oh and I have to find black licorice for below decor inspiration below. Anyone know a good spot in Nashville?

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Stephanie said...

So I once thought we were friends.. but clearly you are out of my league... I'm lucky if I THINK about decorating.. and look at you... you're a mini-Martha. I'm completely envious. And I've lost my MBA coaster... booo.