Thursday, September 25


Over the past couple of weeks I've spotted this great website called Wordle on a couple of other blogs and decided I had to check it out for myself.

If you haven't gone it's a pretty neat little tool.

Well a couple weeks back I saw a post on the Just a Girl blog where she cleverly made art out of her wordle. Genius. I needed art for my office and heck it's free.

Only problem was what words would I use to create said art. Well I copied and pasted several love poems, none to which I authored, and some "cutsie" words. You know. LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS.

Then I choose a custom palette to match our colors in the room and viola...our unique piece of art:

I'm going to get a different mat for it, you know when we get gas in town again. But so far I really like it. Even thought about making one for every season and holiday and including it in around the house.

Well we'll see how long that last.....but for now I'm just glad I have one thing done on my list of to do's.

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Jennifer said...

I want a wordle too!