Tuesday, October 21

October love

Where have the last two weeks gone?????

It's been a packed couple of days with a wedding and some birthdays and some football love.

I also just started a new position at work so I'm overwhelmed during the day leading me to not even turn another computer on when I get home.

Plus I've been fortunate to be hit with the "funk" this week. A great mixture of sinus trouble with a touch of fever.

I have however acquired some faves this month that I want to share.

First up Bongo Java. It's a local coffee shop here in Nashville. Their medium (double shot) latte is heavenly. Luckily for me, the hubby's sports bar is down the road from it. A treat for me.

I feel like I'm back in eighth grade again because I'm craving Jolly Ranchers. It took some looking around but finally I found some at Walgreens. Picky as I am I'm only into the Cherry flavored ones....

Need I say anything.....Cheesecake factory has a pumpkin cheesecake out. Yum-O

While drooling at my local Swoozie shop I saw my latest splurge. A customer had one and I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. I know.... I need help.

Which only leads me to another obsession over this jacket from JCrew.

And these fine shoes.....

Which btw I found my dream house. A place to enjoy all of the things above. I mentioned a wedding we went to....well in the area we saw some new construction....below are some pics of a house they have up for sale. If the hubby and I ever win the lottery I'd gladly lay down a cool mil or two for this place.

Yeah, it's that out of our reach right now.

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