Tuesday, October 7

Project Roundup

Remember these projects. Here are the results.

I'm so glad these came out and they are a great way to hold all our cute mail. So necessary. : )

This is the black frame. I was so proud of it and then I saw this. Darn it, never thought about printing it on newspaper. I thought about changing it but now I think I like the clean look of plain white.

After searching some candy stores I found black Twizzlers at Krogers of all places. And this is the result.

The hubby convinced me that these didn't need any paint or glitter. So far I'm ok with them because I hate to have glitter all over the house but maybe next year I'll be more adventurous.

The hubby put up my latest Craiglist find. He also shared his thoughts on them.

Tomorrow I'll share some of the projects that were in the corner to be done.

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