Wednesday, November 5

the day has come

It's amazing that supporting Obama through these last few months, when word came on that he had won the election last night my first thoughts were far from his great accomplishment.
For a few minutes I shed tears, tears of joy that finally the country has voted irregardless of race.
From the beginning race and sex have played a card in this election. No one can say different. But
last night I believe at least one of those didn't play a big enough card.
My hubby said it last night that it seemed almost shameful that they kept mentioning that his victory is shared with a race card. I partially agree.
My parents came to America to live the "American Dream" and have always taught us that although our background sets us apart from so many other Americans we are never to think we are less because of it. Unfortunately not everyone believes the same.
Last night when Obama won I cried. Cries of joy because I know now that no child of any color has to worry about whether or not they can be President. Yes the right has always been there, but if you would have asked me if I could imagine a hispanic as President, I would have said yes we technically could be President, but would it be until today.
I know Obama's road will be hard, how can it not be with the state we are in, but I pray that where ever his road leads he will bring greater things for this country. And in that same prayer I hope this nation comes together to achieve the greatness that we are known for and to leave for our children only the best to come.