Thursday, November 20

High hopes

I’ve always yearn to be Martha Stewart, sans the trip to jail, since early in my adult life so I have built an arsenal of platters, casseroles and serving ware.

However early on in our House Blessing planning we decided not to do a full sit down dinner first because it was on a Friday night. We are the first to say Fridays are a struggle for us. We have to try extra to stay up after we get home, and second, with an estimated party size of 18 family members formal dining is not feasible in our house.

Back to Martha. So I quickly realized that with the huge arsenal of stoneware I have I really don't have any huge serving platters. With my latest love of Goodwill I decided to venture out to see if I could find some platters, earth tones colors preferred.

At my first, yes more than one stop occurred, Goodwill I found two iron candle holders for $2.99 each which my dad painted and now live above our kitchen cabinets.

A glass and iron candle holder which holds a real topiary for now.

I found a toilet paper box cover. I’d been searching for one for a while, although I’m not too fond of the decor of this one..for $1.99 I’m sure a bit of scrapbooking paper and paint can work some magic.

Finally, this white acorn looking thing. It already has a home in the living room…love it and it’s $1.99 price tag. Total spent $13.

However as I walked away with my great finds I realized that I still had not found a serving platter so off I went to another Goodwill closer to my house. I again came up empty on the platter front but found some great finds.

Two WW cookbooks, I’m a constant on the wagon…. off the wagon fan of WW but one of the books was $1.99 and the other $2.99 you can’t beat it....on the wagon I go.

I also found these two two picture frames for $2.99 each which had broken arms but I had my dad add clips to the back instead. I hung them up in the spare bedroom.

I also found two white bowls that have seashells and lobsters on the edges for $.49 a piece, I’ll use them in the summer to hold dips.

Total $13.

Personally I was disappointed at the lack of any platters. But after I left Goodwill I went next door to Hobby Lobby only to find a platter for $35 bucks which made me rethink my success of the day....Later in the week I dropped by Pier One and found some platters on clearance.

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