Tuesday, November 4

No more maps...

Too much time spent this evening checking out maps and numbers. Hoping that by bedtime we'll have a new President elect and that when I wake up...it's still the same person. : )

Until then I'll keep drooling over my new favorite blog. Eddie Ross. And he shops flea markets and Goodwill and scores time after time. So inspirational.


Stephanie said...

Did you redo your blog? It's very yellow.

Jennifer said...

It is very yellow but quite nice.
I love Eddie, I didn't always love his designs on top design but as he says "How many of us have the luxury of designing a room around a $40,000 chandelier?" I like his point of view that you can go to goodwill with $40 and make a beautiful room and not have to spend a fortune and instead put your own creativity and own style into it and it will mean so much more.