Tuesday, November 25

A year gone by

I can't believe how fast time has flown since we were married.

To celebrate we are off to the Florida Keys for a couple of days....but before we go...time was made for the tradition of eating year old cake and anniversary gifts.

I must say our year old cake was not bad at all. We had it with the only bottle of Champagne left from our wedding. I must say the cake way surpassed our expectation while the Champagne did very little to remain intake.

The hubby got me 12 bottles of one of my favorite wine mentioned in this post...one for each month of our 2nd year....he also got me this..very lovely surprise

He also had some paper roses which looked pretty darn real.

I got the hubby a share of stock through a company called oneshare.com and a fresh "top" layer of cake from our cake designer.

The hubby always wanted to be a shareholder of a company and now he is....Oneshare has tons of companies to choose from and they will request for your "paper" certificate and frame it for you.

Just wanted to share that when I purchased the stock it was literally the week before the stock market began to fall. So delightful.

The new "top" layer of the cake was because I thought the first one would be a disaster.

And now we are off to warmer weather and vacation time.

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