Monday, December 1

Cyber Monday

Have you heard of it?

Well my hubby did this morning on NPR and since he's been home he's been on the internet buying Christmas gifts....anything and this for his niece.

I would complain but a) I'm watching Britney: For the Record on my DVR undisturbed and

b) it saves me the hour long trip to Target where I walk around aimlessly calling everyone that has a child to get ideas for gifts...

Happy Cyber Monday..

PS. JCrew I am truly disappointed....I was really going to buy something for someone else this time....wait....who am I kidding.

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Stephanie said...

Are you back in town? How was the beach?
So... not to be dirty (oh.. but you know i'm totally going to be dirty)... the hyper dash game looks phallic upon first glance.

Just saying.....