Tuesday, December 2

Florida Keys-Day One

The hubby and I are back from our trip to the Keys. I didn't plan very much besides hotels, not very common for the planner in me....however I really wanted to relax and so no plans were made.

We decided to spend a night in Key Largo, a night in Islamorada and then two nights in Key West.

Our flight landed earlier than expected into Miami and so we were able to catch an earlier flight to Key West. Sweet...except that our luggage was still on the original flight but we decided to take advantage of the extra time in Key West rather than the Miami airport.

Once we arrived we headed to brunch at Pepe's, a local joint.

Then we explored Key West a bit before we had to head back to the airport for our luggage...on our way back we realized there was a beach directly across from the airport so we decided to park the rental and sit on the beach for a bit.

How pretty........well that's what we thought until this showed up.

Yikes! So off we went to await our luggage. Once it arrived we were off to Key Largo...about 2 hours north of Key West via Hwy 1.

Once we arrived in Key Largo we settled into our hotel, had our complimentary beverage and to dinner we went.

We decided on a restaurant near our hotel...Snapper's for a light dinner...

We took part in some Florida stone crab which are in season...they were yummy

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and enjoyed some of my anniversary wine.

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Jenny, if you really want the peacock headband from Etsy (via Emily's blog), just e-mail the Etsy seller. I bet you anything another one can be made for you.