Thursday, December 11

Florida Keys-Day Three

The next day I got up and decided to relax outside our hotel room. Although it was cooler than the day before it was very relaxing just sitting by the water.

After a morning of relaxing we packed up and headed towards Key West.

We had made plans for a sunset cruise in Key West, so on the trip we stopped for lunch at a Cuban restaurant and also picked up so beer and wine at a local grocery store for our cruise. BTW, the hubby and I stood in awe of wine availability at the local Publix.
Tennessee needs to get on that wine in grocery store bandwagon.

Once we got to Key West we settled in our hotel, parked and then walked over to pier for our cruise on a sailboat.

We made reservations on the Schooner Jolly Rover sailboat. It was a great trip. The captain was very kind to explain the areas we cruised around Key West as well as letting guests man the boat. We didn't dare since our hands where busy with the booze.

As the sun went down so did the temperatures. I had to borrow a blanket from the boat.

Sailing by Sunset Keys Island, at first this was the place I wanted to stay...that was until I discovered you had to arrive and leave the island by boat only. So basically you can't just walk or drive over a bridge. Did I mention I don't swim? Then I realized it was weekly rentals...guess not.

After our sailing we decided to go to a restaurant called Alonzo's on the pier we docked on...a recommendation from someone else who sailed with us. I thought for sure it was an Italian place....until we got there. Apparently it was an oyster bar and served no pasta.

We also learned this after we had ordered a bottle of wine. The hubby doesn't eat oysters and I was in the mood for Italian. So we agreed to some appetizers and our wine and then head over to dinner somewhere else.

So this is where is all got sloppy. We never made it to another restaurant...instead we headed to Sloppy Joe's, a local bar....followed by Hog's Breath...another bar.... because you know we just didn't have enough to drink...and then we had to get a cab home bc neither of us was sober enough to know what direction we came from.

Who knew two Landshark beers, 4 or 5 glasses of wine, two Key West Lagers and two Key Lime Drinks at Hog's Breath would be too much....Let's just say tomorrow's post will reflect today's bad decisions.

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