Sunday, December 7

Florida Keys-Day Two

Our second day of our trip we walked around our hotel, which lied on some beach property, then packed up and prepared to leave Key Largo.

We ate breakfast at a local spot and headed towards Islamorada, south of Key Largo. But first we stopped at a local art village, the Rain Barrel.....Shopping is my version of relaxation.

The weather was awesome on our drive down.

Once we arrived at our new hotel, the hotel manager told us she heard it was a great day for snorkeling as well so if we were interested to contact a local place.. I've been snorkeling before in Mexico and was up for the trip and so was the hubby who had never been before.

A short story. Once we got to said local place I had to sign a disclaimer form and happened to mentioned to the cashier that I actually don't know how to swim and was wondering if that was a problem. Ummm, she said it was a smidgen of a problem.

Yay, I know....what do you mean I can't swim...well one time in Germany...lets just say swimming and I just aren't friends.

Anywho, she said it wasn't a good idea but if I signed the disclaimer form it was all my decision. So I signed. I figured it if looked too deep I wouldn't jump in. Well once we got out to the ocean we hit a spot where their was a large reef therefore not to shallow.

I jumped in...followed by the hubby....It was so pretty and so many cute fish....when I came up to point out some fish to the hubby I realized my hubby was frightened and not doing well. He couldn't get past the idea of breathing through his mouth and not nose. Anyway, it was funny that after an hour of worrying about me, I had to help the hubby try not to "loose it" in the middle of the Atlantic. Go figure.

Here I am before jumping in the water.

Here's the hubby...relieved to be back on the boat for a bit.

We really were out in the middle on nowhere....reminded me of the movie Open Water..frightening movie...

After our snorkling trip we went out to dinner at Lorelei's, where we barely caught the sunset...

The hubby and some fancy camera feature trying to capture our sunset dinner.

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