Saturday, December 20

Merry Tracking number Holiday

That's right...if Santa had a tracking number I'd be all over it.

The hubby and I have ramped up our online shopping this year due to busy work schedules and so we are now in the final days of tracking packages. Not since our wedding have I been busy tracking away.

At this point I feel like a connoisseur of delivery services and their shipping services. The big winner FedEx. We've been able to see every step our packages have made and that makes us feel better.

UPS is second, they tend to be slow in posting information and then making huge leaps when they do. They do however seem to be the preferred carrier of and JCrew, therefore get a lot of business from us.

I must admit that nothing is worse than the USPS tracking service. For an extra 60 cents I would think I would get a bit more service. You barely find out your package has left when it's already arrived at destination.

Anyone else have fun tracking packages?

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Jennifer said...

I'm busy tracking last minute gifts too. It is very agonizing when you know it has been a couple days since the last post on where the packages are.
Love the snowflakes. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!