Thursday, December 4

They say its your birthday...


Yup another year gone by. Seriously these years are going by way too fast.

The hubby made me sweet...except that I'm not a morning person AT ALL. I'm a serious zombie before 8 and a cup of coffee. So I ate breakfast but have no recollection of it at all.
The hubby was super sweet and got me tickets to the Nashville Ballet's Nutcracker. So excited to see it.
He also got me a Jordin TooToo favorite Nashville Predator EVER..
Overall it was a great birthday. I had dinner with my parents and then participated in our weekly trivia night.
Got some great gifts as well, a gc to my hair salon..thanks Vero!, some much needed serving ware, a rocking new pearl ring from my grandparents...a sweet perfume from my little sis, and some new holiday decor items for my favorite holiday of the year...
But most important I got tons of wishes and prayers for a new year to come...especially as I get closer ...cough*** the big can't put a price on that.


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Hope you have a fabulous time at the ballet and enjoying all of your other gifts.

Stephanie said...

Happy Belated Birthday... next time I'm in Nashville.. the cheesecake is on ME!!