Saturday, January 3


Happy '09 folks...

Well so far mine is going well. We had a small party to start the New Year and have been trying to recover since. I've worked through most of these past two weeks so unlike many I can't wait for a couple of days off but still a new year has begun and so I'm excited.

This new year is filled with some objectives for '09. I would say resolutions but that doesn't seem to help much. Plus I'm fresh off my work yearly review so can't help but bring up a new year and objectives.

First, read more. I was doing well for about two months but the holidays has played a part in slowing my reading down.

Second, be more organized. I need to consistently remind myself to not stray from organization.

Third, not eat meat. What? Yeah....My husband got the crazy idea of trying to go a week without any meat. So far it's been 26 hours and not so bad. Granted it was an overwhelming day at work so I was happy with a salad for dinner but no sure what the long term...and by that I mean 6 more days....results will be.

We hit our local grocery store after work and stocked up on bread, peanut butter, jelly, cheese, fruits, veggies and lots of cereal. I would chronicle my next couple of days, A Hispanic without meat, but I'm sure my grumpiness will only elevate in the next few days.

Wish me luck.....

Back to objectives.

Four, go to church. Besides Christmas Eve I've been lacking my spiritual trips to Church every week. I need to work better on getting to Church because I do truly enjoy it and well I'm sure my Church miss me, financially anyway.

Five, waking up 30 minutes earlier than I normally do. Therefore affording me the opportunity to not be so rushed in the mornings and avoid the cursing of both a school zone and train station on my way to work.

Six, no TV in the bedroom. I've read tons of articles that having a TV in your bedroom is bad news for your sleep. Although I'm not going to move the TV because it is truly the most heaviest TV I've ever owned I am going to try not to turn it on at nights. Well except for my local weather updated for the next day.

So those are them for now. Not much but a lot of change is proposed. Lets hope I get a good review by year end.

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