Thursday, January 8

Dear Neighbor

Yup my Christmas decorations are still up. I know it's January 8th.
Let me try to explain: birthday is in December so I don't put up any decor till after that special day, therefore I need to get my money's worth of show for my decor.
Second, I'm a traditionalist Catholic so Christmas technically ended Tuesday, the day of the Epiphany, therefore only two days late.
Third, it's been raining in Nashville for the last billion years and therefore don't see myself trying to work around the rain.
And finally, my Christmas Tree being set on a timer is great for when I get home I can see my living room without having to try to walk around in the dark till I find the light switch.
So until further notice please don't drive by staring to wonder if perhaps we've forgotten....we haven't...I'm working on a plan....Quietly but efficiently.
P.S. that is not my home in pic above, way too much effort for me.

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