Sunday, January 18


Have ya'll heard of this stuff? I know I know. I ran across this find at a store in East Nashville called Great Stuff.

So the first time I saw it I thought it clearly was a joke. I had to pick up some other finds at the store and thought it was a cute gag gift. This store is close to where we typically watch football on Sundays so I figured after some research I'd go back, gag gift or not.

Well I did some googling and sure enough this thing is legit. So I picked up a bottle before New Years. Btw I had to buy the sample bottle because this stuff had sold out. Really? Anyway I can say it has worked but really I'm not quite sure what challenges we would have had without it.

I remember hearing a dating story from someone who will remain nameless about how it had to use the restroom at the house of someone they were dating's parent and where this product would have been essential.

The packaging is pretty enough for me to leave it in our guest bath and not have to worry.

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