Tuesday, January 13

Whoa Day 8!

Due to the urging of someone who has learned of my new Veggie lifestyle I decided to start taking a vitamin to make up for some the lost vitamins that meats provide. Little did I know that after eating half a bagel for breakfast and taking one vitamin I would stare death in the face.
Well death is a bit harsh but OMGosh worst stomach sickness ever. It took everything I had not to crawl underneath my desk and cry. Seriously..even so much that when my little bro came to have lunch with me I couldn't stomach but two bites of food, literally sandwich has two bite marks. Veggie sandwich of course. Now 4 hours later I still feel a bit nauseous and can't wait to go home and curl into bed, hope to get better and then have the rest of my all veggie sandwich.
This being healthy thing is really starting to take a toll.

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for inspiring me and for the many laughs. I'm glad we're still friends and I'm happy you convinced me to keep blogging.
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