Friday, February 13

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All week long I have tags some awesome Valentine inspired prints. All are available via Etsy and great for a frame around the house.

My greatest love family.

I am always reminded of how I am surrounded by some of the best, smartest, and sweetest people in my life and they are all my family.

I can't imagine life without them and tomorrow I hope to share the love with them.

Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Jenny: I just found your blog through Amber's (Sweet Life). I was reading an old archive, and I LOVE your STDs. Did you have them done at Hatch? I couldn't figure out how to email you through here. Please email me at Thanks!

Stephanie said...

Hey.. Chicka! Did you fall off the face of the earth? I miss your updates.

We need to get together soon. I'm losing my mind with all this no-work stuff.

Love ya!