Thursday, February 12

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Today's love is Reality TV.

That's right I'm going to come straight out and admit it.

This is one of the shows that I don't watch until it's on a marathon weekend. I literally sit and watch all day. Such a great show.

I love all the Real Housewives shows, Orange County, NY, and Atlanta. I would say it teaches me lessons on being a good wife but not really. I do get an urge to shop after the show...thankfully it airs after stores are closed.

One of my all time favorite, Amazing Race. I love to see all the unique places they visit and the dynamics of how people react during stressful situations.

This is the latest to my addition. This is serious reality tv gone bad. But it's so good to watch girls go nuts over the craziest things. Makes me appreciate how little drama I have in my life and how I could not handle it if there was.

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