Tuesday, February 10

The love continues

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Today my love is romantic comedies, aka chick flicks. I'm such a fan, the drama, the love, the reunions, the tears, all of it. Here is short run down of my favorites.

Love Actually. What can I say. If you haven't seen it this is a must rent. I think even guys are fans. Properly due to the tiny outfits worn by some in the cast, irregardless this is such a great movie about love.

You've Got Mail...I know this a remake of a movie named The Shop Around the Corner from the 40's but I still love it. I'm a huge fan of Tom Hanks, so his reunion with Meg Ryan after Sleepless in Seattle is a must.

Sweet Home Alabama. Not sure what it is about this movie but it makes me smile. Maybe because it shows life can be sweet outside a big city. Plus Reese is just too cute.

My all time favorite is a lesser known movie, Hope Floats. Sometimes I think it's Harry Connick Jr that does it all for me and sometimes it's the great dynamics of Sandra Bullock with her daughter and mother. Either way I love this movie....and the soundtrack to boot.

To celebrate all chick flicks past and present I'm taking advantage of the hubby's night out at a Preds game with Nights in Rodanthe, out on video today. Tissues and ice cream beware.

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