Tuesday, March 3

Home away from home

So yesterday I took a day off from work. My first official vacation day of 2009. If you remember I was off last month but that was because I was one cough away from death. Anywho, I took a day off to run some errands and well frankly...nap.

While I was away from my cubicle I found this post from blogger, Lauren Says So, which reminded me of my slow but yet progressing revamping of my cube.

In January, I found these calendars via the This Young House blog. They add a more modern flair to my cube, reminds me of my favorite "Keep calm and carry on" posters, and have some pretty funny sayings for each month. So far March is pretty dead on.

Early last month during a trip to Anthropologie I found this coffee mug. Totally love it! However it's not quite comfortable to drink from, I know beauty over convenience. So after a few days I decided to use it to hold my pens and markers.

Finally, I bought some magnetic photo holders to hold pics of my niece and nephew.

UPDATE: I found a pic of the magnets I bought. I got the ornate gray and orange one and love them. Available here.

But now that I have seen the post mentioned above I have my eye on a couple of other items.

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