Wednesday, March 18

Move on over..

One of my greatest memories of college was being able to get my drama from daily episodes of Days of our Lives. Love you John and Marlena....Well since I've entered the working world those days are long gone. Yeah I know about the Soap Network but really I can't fit it in with my reality TV shows...A girls got priorities.

Anywho, these days I don't need Days of our Lives, or General Hosptial because I have this:

That's right, every morning is like a new episode. I get my dose listening to NPR to and from work and then my afternoon WSJ website visit.

I can't go into my feelings about all that is going on with this company because I think I could possible blow up in anger, but just wanted to say that I'm thinking about you AIG, and it isn't in the same ballpark as my thoughts of you Roman Black.

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