Monday, March 9

Week Three

Yeah for Week Three. However Week Two started off well and then was miserable towards the end. My last run of week two was painful. I think it was due to the warmer weather and this sinus infection I got going on but either way I hope better days are coming...

Especially since I bought these bad boy shoes. The hubby and I went to a great store called Team Nashville in town which is a shop for runners and got "running" shoes. A big difference compared to my New Balance Trek Shoes.

The ones I purchased are these Diadora Mythos Ultimate shoes. They aren't my favorite since they are way white, therefore impossible to keep clean, and well not any of my favorite colors. I know, vanity over necessity but none the less I'm willing to give them a try. I'll let you know how they work out.

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

Those sneaks are fantastic- I have a pair myself. I saw that store this weekend when we were in West End. Good luck with the training! Thanks for your comment today- those were super helpful links :)