Wednesday, April 1


That's right... blow drying my hair is now consuming a larger portion of my life. After a recent haircut my hair dresser, whom I love btw, convinced me to start round brushing my hair dry.
Umm, why is it so hard. Am I hair drying deficient? Uh, after a couple of days I think I'm getting good at it....alright decent at it. I find myself having a hard time holding the brush and drying at the same time...basically the whole technique is lost on me. Any tips? Well besides paying for someone to blow dry my hair daily.
That's all.

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Stephanie said...

It just takes a while to get it. Trust me. I went from one of those blow drying brush contraptions (you know.. looks like a curling iron but is a blow dryer) to the brush/dryer method. It took me a good 3-5 weeks to get it right.

My secrets:
Get good brushes (natural bristle --makes the hair SHINY)

Get a good Dryer (I have a tourmaline dryer .. generic brand.. but I covet a T3 Bespoke dryer... agh.. if I had the money..) Rob doesn't understand why a girl would need a $300 hair dryer.. but dude.. I dry EVERY DAY! And I'm going thru a dyer a year.

and SECTION SECTION SECTION. I usually separate in 3 sections: top, middle, bottom. It makes it easier to make sure you get it all consistent. My hairdresser is so good, she doesn't have to section.

Oh.. and I don't use the tip on the dryer nossle that points the air.. It makes it too difficult to control the dryer.. so I get rid of that right off the bat.