Monday, April 6

Weed and Feed and Seed

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So we finally managed to find someone to mow our lawn.... I hadn't mentioned it before but the hubby and I aren't the best when it comes to all things nature. It really puts a cramp on my dream to live in a small house in the middle of the country and live off the land. Oh well.
Since moving from our Condo we now have the added pleasure of land that needs to be maintained. Land meaning a lot of ohhhhh 400 square feet give or take. Such land prompted us to not buy a lawnmower but instead outsource this task to the willing.
Well the willing last year was a friend of the hubby's who had a side business of lawn services. This year he sold off the business so we had to begin the hunt for a replacement.
Well we found someone else...and per his directions...we need some "Weeeeed and Feeeed" or was it " Weeeed and Seeeed"...heck if I know...but we made the trip to Home Depot and picked up some Weed, Feed and perhaps Seed...
After purchasing said item we high tailed it out of there...The place alone made me feel far inferior with all things lawn related.

Anywho, if it wasn't going to be ohhh 30 today I would have laid down some feed and weed and seed, but it'll have to wait for warmer weather.
So that's how my weekend went....I know the pangs of envy is too much for ya'll.

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