Saturday, May 2


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It's been a crazy week.

First, last weekend at our community garage sale we made $86. Our stuff cost more than $86 bucks when we originally bought it, but it was stuff that hung out in our garage never being used. It took about 3 hours to sell it so now we are a bit richer and have more space in our garage. Win Win!

Second, apparently when I decided to turn my car on in order to listen to some music during the garage sale it killed my battery. Lovely...The hubby and I also realized that in the move a year ago we somehow misplaced our jumper cables. Originally we thought the $86 bucks we just earned would be used to replace the battery but after a $15 pair of jumper cables from our local Wally world we are still up in money and my car is fine.

Finally, we finally signed up for a CSA. Community Supported Agriculture, CSA, is when local farmers offer a share of their farm's produce, meat and eggs. I've been wanting to sign up for one for the longest but due to the size of lots you have to get it was never feasible for just the two of us. We aren't huge veggie eaters so even half a bushel, the norm is a bushel, would have been too much.

Avalon Farms is the local farm we signed up with and so far I think it's perfect. They deliver to my job every week and I can get 1/4 bushel, two servings of meat, and a dozen eggs. I can't think of a better way to dip my toe into CSA.

My first week is next week, super excited. I'll have to remember to take a pic and share.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

I'm excited to hear about the community agriculture thing. That's something I'd love to sign up for too!

Amber said...

I share a 1/2 share with a friend at work. She picks up our share at the East Nashville drop off. It's fun isn't it? Everything just tastes better to me!