Monday, May 18

So very bad

I'll start by showing a super cute pendent, above. It's available here and is customizable for your state. I might need one of these. In case I get lost and have to find my way home. : )

Soo I could give a million reasons why I have been a bad blogger but really it sums up to two things. Work is CRAZY busy. Not complaining since I feel blessed to have a job. But I am literally drained by the time I get home that all I do is try to catch up with Google reader and call it a day on the computer. If it makes you feel bad I rarely comment on other blogs, not from lack of interest just lack of energy.

Second, I've been under the weather for what feels like FOR-EVER. Uhh, so very annoying since I do have to work so many hours.

However, I do have a couple of things in the works and when I muster the energy and time I'll post. I promise.

Quick follow up, we are two weeks into our CSA and so far we really enjoy it. I know I promised pictures and hopefully I'll have a write up about it soon with pics to follow.

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