Monday, July 27

Bag this...

So usually I try to find a good picture that goes with each post. I looked up diaper bag and stroller and found this. Wow...I've never rode a Segway but I'm thinking you need to have some balance to stay on that. How she can lean forward and push carriage and remain standing. Amazing.

Anywho since I found out I was expecting I've slowly been looking for things to get or register for in hopes of getting. The first was a diaper bag. Okay so I didn't actually hit up a Babies r us store or Target in search but I did some online browsing.

On a random shopping day I stumbled into this Cole Haan bag. Uh, its a baby bag and it was on sale for $80 bucks. At first I contemplated it, is it the right color, does it have the right features, would the hubby carry this.
Color wise, I'm thinking if it is a girl I'll carry some pretty pink burp clothes and if it's a boy perhaps a grey or light green burp cloth...check
Does it have the right features? Well it has two insulated bottle holders, a changing pad, a cell phone holder, removable straps to attach to stroller, and the size is pretty decent for some change of clothes. check
Would the hubby care this. Um, its a bit darker silver in person and figure this is the closest to any bag he would carry. Check.
So I got it. And it so pretty.
Then about two weeks later on an innocent trip to the local mall I found this Kate Spade on ultra sale for $45 bucks. Uh, I thought about going through my check list but I didn't think twice, it's Kate Spade!

So where was I about regisitering??? I'll save that for the baby bottles..or perhaps a bag for the hubby.

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Stephanie said...

I know it's not your style, but I'm totally in love with the Lands End diaper bag with the fruit pieces all over it...