Tuesday, July 21

It happened today...

And it wasn't good.

I had my first emotional breakdown. I'm a pretty strong person, or so I think. Well I should say that I rarely cry. Rarely. So when something came up at work and I started crying it was an out of body experience.

I can't say the reason why wasn't legit I just can't believe I cried over it. Thankfully it was right before lunch so I ran to my car and busted out in tears. I cried so hard I couldn't even breathe. It was so surreal. Mentally I knew it was a breakdown but I couldn't stop from crying.

Uh...how frustrating..need less to say an hour later I was fine. Both mentally and physically, my eyes puff out like its no one's business when I cry. Hot don't you think?

The picture above is from our 1rst Anniversary trip to Key West, aka better times ..

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