Saturday, July 18

It's Crunch Time

Today at 10am it's that time of year. Tickets go on sale for the Nashville Symphony!

I can't wait either. It's funny but I'm actually looking forward to it. I have two shows I want to attend that are before the baby is due or I'm too large to fit in a seat. Sniff..sniff.
Hoping I can get both shows before they sell out.

On the other laptop in the house the hubby will be trying to get Titan tickets.

We have two games in mind this year, super excited. I can not wait till football is back. This year it'll be sad because my cherished Miami Dolphins will be in town for a regular season game but it's a week before my due date. I'm thinking its not going to happen. Again sniff sniff ..

So there will be lots of early morning prepping, Ticketmaster page refreshing and praying. Wish us luck.

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