Monday, August 24

Crib Bedding...check

It's been a hectic several days, especially the last two weekends. However I have made some progress on the baby's room so hopefully I'll get a chance to update. BTW we name's one of the most frequent questions asked of me...who knew a name would be so much pressure.

Anyway a couple of months ago my older sister was in town and after attending my monthly ob visit we headed to Popo children's store. While checking out a couple items I stumbled upon this bedding, Dwell Studio Garden Blossom.

I loved the fact that although there is some pink in didn't scream PINK!...It would match my existing wall color and also go with a white crib....Sweet since painting is one of my pet peeves and I really liked the look of white cribs. So I grabbed it.

By the way I did mention this happened a couple of months of coarse at the time I didn't know I was having a little girl. My Sis and Mom both figured if a boy was on its way I could always sell it. Did I mention it was on sale? I couldn't pass it up. Anyway after I bought it and checked out my Dad, who was entertained with other objects previously said "I really think your going to have a boy" as we left the store....Rats...I then worried about it for another 2 months.

Thankfully Dad was wrong...Bedding..check.

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