Monday, August 3


When I thought about getting a glider I decided I wanted something like above picture. Typical gliders are like below but I wanted something that I could easily move into the guest room once the baby gliding days were done.

At about the same time my mom gave me a Posh Tots catalog. Weep, everything in that catalog is so pretty.....especially their gliders. So my heart fell in love with a glider by Little Castle.

I decided I had to see it in person so I went to a local shop that carried it for a test drive and sure enough I loved them. If you haven't sat in one of these you are missing out. These things are like heaven.

Well the price tag of a chair and ottoman is about *cough* a grand. Uh....Yeah...not sure how I was going to get that past the hubby. Especially since I had narrowed done some other items on must have list for the baby.

Well that same week I decided to check out Craigslist just in case. Low and behold someone was selling the combo. Now granted they clearly said it had some "cosmetic" issues...but...
I would have it reupholstered anyway. As long as the chair itself was intact I could get rid of the issues when having it reupholstered....and I could have it covered with whatever fabric I want. Major plus.

The best was SUPER cheap. Like Highway robber cheap. Granted I still have to have it reupholstered but I believe I'll mark it down as another successful Craigslist buy.

BTW since we've gotten the chair I can't resist not sitting in the darn thing. I'm going to be sad when it has to be taken to get worked on.


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